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Free Fonts #3

Free Fonts No. 3

For this week I have only few fonts to share with you. Nevertheless, these are still good and usable typefaces. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s quality not quantity that matters.

1. Novocento – Download

Novocento is an uppercase-only font family inspired by european typographic tendencies of the first half of 20th century. You can use this font face for headlines, visual identities or short sentences. Created by graphic designer Jan Tonellato.

2. Quattrocento – Download

Quattrocento Roman is a Classic typeface with wide and open letterforms, and great x-height. Also it has good legibility for body text at small sizes and tiny details that only shows up at bigger sizes make it also great for display use. It’s available for web use in Google font library.
Quattrocento is created by amazing self-taught type designer Pablo Impallari who has also designed the famous Lobster font. Check his website for more high quality fonts.

3. UNIK2 – Download

Unik2 is the updated version of Unik made in 2009 by DavidisCreative from Fonts of Chaos.  If you are unfamiliar with Fonts of Chaos, it is an open type foundry founded in 2011. They  produce alternative free typefaces for experimental graphic artwork. Although Font of Chaos still are young and fresh they have already created seven interesting and unique typefaces.  So  if you are looking for more  fonts like Unik2 for your artwork you should definitely check their website.

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