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Typography and Lettering in the Old Town of Vilnius

Typography in Vilnius 1

The idea to write this post came  from many “live” typography examples in various blogs from all around of world.  I’m quite a big fan of “live” typography posts. It’s always interesting to see what kind of typography you can find in others cities. Letters tell the story about the city history, culture and age.

So today I will give you an opportunity to have a look at the ”live” typography examples from the beautiful Old Town of Vilnius. If you love typography and have never been in Vilnius I think you’ll find this post interesting. Read More →

PBS Arts: Off Book on Typography

PBS Arts: Off Book is a web-based series that explores cutting edge art and the people that make it. The 13 episode series focuses on the process, motivation and meaning of a new generation of artists. A new episode of Off Book launches every other Wednesday on PBS Arts. Read More →