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Free Hi-Resolution Photos

free photos website

Hey everybody, it’s been quite some time since we published anything in Maze of Minds blog. But today we have a little surprise for you. We just launched a little website called Free Photos. All images on this site are free for personal and commercial use and licensed under CC0.

Now you will find only six images, but we will be adding more every week. We hope you like them and find them useful. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks :)

Free Photos Website »

Jason Santa Maria – On Web Typography

In this Build talk, famous designer Jason Santa Maria teaches us to look at typefaces with a discerning eye, different approaches to typographic planning, how typography impacts the act of reading, and how to choose and combine appropriate typefaces from an aesthetic and technical point of view. A must-see video for all web designers.

Also don’t forget to check other videos from Build talk on Vimeo.

Thank You

Happy New Year

We would like to thank everyone who is reading our blog and wish you a Happy New Year.
This year we want to finish with the quote of Allan K. Chalmers:

“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

See you in 2012!

SEO for WordPress in 2011

I just recently watched Sujan Patel’s SEO for WordPress in 2011 from this year’s WordCamp San Francisco and want to share it with you. Sujan Patel is the founder and president of the SEO consulting agency Single Grain and in this video he speaks on the latest traffic driving tips for your WordPress website including the best plugins for SEO and Social Media.

You can also check out Sujan Patel’s slides SEO for WordPress.

Welcome to Maze of Minds Blog


We had the idea to setup a blog for quite some time. We wanted a place to share personal thoughts on design and technology, things that we stumble across on the internet and more. And today is the day when this idea has matured and we launched Maze of Minds blog.

On our blog you will find various articles relating to graphic design, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery tips, WordPress and Drupal tricks. Also we will share some interesting bits of our everyday lives. Our main goal is to make this blog fun, useful and connect with more like minded people.

See you soon!