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How to Set a Custom Gravatar Image in WordPress

Custom Gravatar

Nearly every blog shows avatars next to the visitors’ comments. They add some variety between different comments and make the discussion more personal. Since version 2.5 WordPress has Gravatars built-in and you don’t need any additional plugin for basic usage and management. If the visitor’s email address has no associated gravatar, the default gravatar image is displayed. I probably won’t be wrong to say that “Mystery Man” is the most popular one from the defaults since it is suitable for most audiences and looks professional. However, it is used in so many blogs and it doesn’t add any uniquenes or help you to brand your blog more. So why not to change the default gravatar to something more personal especially when you can do it only with a few extra lines of code. In this quick and simple tutorial I will show you how to do this. Read More →

SEO for WordPress in 2011

I just recently watched Sujan Patel’s SEO for WordPress in 2011 from this year’s WordCamp San Francisco and want to share it with you. Sujan Patel is the founder and president of the SEO consulting agency Single Grain and in this video he speaks on the latest traffic driving tips for your WordPress website including the best plugins for SEO and Social Media.

You can also check out Sujan Patel’s slides SEO for WordPress.

Theme Check Plugin for WordPress Theme Developers

Theme Check Plugin

If you are building a custom WordPress theme for a client’s website or your personal project you can custom-tailor every detail because you know who will be using your theme, what type of content will be managed and any other specific requirements. Your theme may not need to incorporate some WordPress functionality, like widgets, custom header images or background, post thumbnails and so on. But if you are building a theme that will be submitted to WordPress.org themes directory or sold through theme marketplace sites your theme needs to have a certain minimum level of capabilities, in order to ensure proper functioning on a wide variety of sites for a wide range of users. Read More →