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Theme Check Plugin for WordPress Theme Developers

Theme Check Plugin

If you are building a custom WordPress theme for a client’s website or your personal project you can custom-tailor every detail because you know who will be using your theme, what type of content will be managed and any other specific requirements. Your theme may not need to incorporate some WordPress functionality, like widgets, custom header images or background, post thumbnails and so on. But if you are building a theme that will be submitted to themes directory or sold through theme marketplace sites your theme needs to have a certain minimum level of capabilities, in order to ensure proper functioning on a wide variety of sites for a wide range of users. Read More →

Free Fonts #1

Free Fonts Post 1

To help you save some time and money I decided to start a series of posts about free fonts. Every week I will share a list of fonts that are worth looking at. So, have a look at this week list. Read More →

Coming Soon – Free PSD

Coming Soon Free PSD

Before lunching our WordPress site we needed a simple and nice looking “placeholder” theme to inform early visitors about our upcoming site. So we have created MofM Coming Soon WordPress theme.

It comes with a jQuery countdown timer to inform your visitors of the launch date, social network buttons to increase your online presence and an email subscription form to allow visitors to sign up for updates. The theme includes easy to use options panel and offers two alternative color schemes – dark and light. Read More →

How to Change Text Selection Color Using CSS3

Text Color in CSS3

This is quick and easy way to do a little branding to your or your client’s website. If you want to see this CSS3 effect in action you have to use Opera 9.5+, Chrome 2+ or Safari 3.1+ browser and just select text in To make it work on other browsers we have to use vendor prefixes. Read More →

Welcome to Maze of Minds Blog


We had the idea to setup a blog for quite some time. We wanted a place to share personal thoughts on design and technology, things that we stumble across on the internet and more. And today is the day when this idea has matured and we launched Maze of Minds blog.

On our blog you will find various articles relating to graphic design, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery tips, WordPress and Drupal tricks. Also we will share some interesting bits of our everyday lives. Our main goal is to make this blog fun, useful and connect with more like minded people.

See you soon!